One of the most frequent complaints about cloud-based services and vendor-specific tools is that they are too generalized. While they may solve some problems, they can often force you to change your processes and tools. In some cases, they may even cost as much in time and lost productivity as you had hoped to save in the first place.

Custom software development services from Synaxa can help you put those problems behind you. Whatever you need built, we can do it in a way that meets your needs - not someone elses.

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Automation is simple, yet many companies don't implement it in their day to day processes. Even among those that do, 'automation' sometimes means a mixed bag of scripts that require almost as much work to manage as the problems they're trying to solve. Scaleable, manageable automation is one of the best tools you have to increase efficiency and cut cost.

We can help. We know how to leverage the programmability of today's modern IT infrastructure, using industry standard open-source tools.

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In the modern business world, data is king - and its everywhere. Data from your IT infrastructure, business and commercial users, customers and clients, physical assets, and even the environment of your business itself is essential to making smart decisions and staying ahead of your competition.

Synaxa can help you put your data to work. From collection and analysis to visualization, our solutions can help you spot important trends and information about your business that you might have missed.

Contact us today and let's talk about how Synaxa can help you start using your data.

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Our Process



We leverage your intimate knowledge of your business challenges to design a custom solution.

The problems your business faces are unique to your processes, skill sets, and tooling, so our solution should be too. We'll pull from a wide domain of programming languages, delivery methods, open source tools and frameworks, and more to make sure that the final solution works for you.



We develop a custom solution specific to your problem, using proven, industry standard tools.

Once the solution has been defined and the details finalized, we'll start to build. Our agile development process utilizes an iterative methodology which means you get the most valuable features first, and get to stay in constant communication about the health and status of the project.



We test early, and test often, making sure that the solution we build has value to you and solves your problem.

From the very first release, we implement both manual and automated testing of the software designed to ensure that it works well, and meets your requirements. That means you can sleep easy with proof that the solution works.



Delivery is more than just project sign-off.

To us, delivering a solution doesn't just mean that we've checked all the boxes on requirements. It means that we've delivered something that works, and has value to you. It also means delivering documentation and training, and providing transitional support in the event of unexpected problems.

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